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Hello, my name is Susan (aka Silly) and this is my 7th year homeschooling our two sons, Weston & Christian, and 2nd year schooling our daughter, Star.

Growing up

Silly’s School is a site I designed, and their father created, a few years ago. Our hope was for it to be an easy, fun, and inviting place for them to visit, and navigate through on a daily basis. In it I post their daily agendas as well as links, videos, articles, and pictures of things that, I think, they may find interesting.

On the home page we included a slide, where I add pictures of them frequently. To me, it is an important feature because it shows that, even though our children are homeschooled, they can and do still have “normal” lives.

As parents, we would like for our children to grow up to be intelligent, responsible, and fun individuals who are respectful to themselves, as well as to anyone they come into contact with. Homeschooling, in my opinion, has had a huge impact on those goals, so far.

This being said, I would like to welcome you to Silly’s School, and hope you enjoy the time you spend in here.